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    Scooby Doo Aventure - 229337
    Sonic - 149102
    Zuma Deluxe - 148396
    Scooby Doo Pirate - 110930
    Cake Mania - 73258
    Unreal Flash - 69104
    Janes Hotel - 64744
    Magic Horse - 61873
    Barbie 3d - 56458
    Counter Punch - 56378

    Adventure Games

    • petty-theft

      Petty Theft

      Use the arrow keys to move and stay away the cops and
    • sub-commander

      Sub Commander

      Take control of the submarine and navigate your way through the rocky sea bed, icebergs, floating mines, depth charges and
    • aquarium-spreng-fichen

      Aquarium Spreng Fichen

      Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up
    • mr-danger

      Mr Danger

      Mr Danger, Draw a line for Mr. Danger to slide on and get to the
    • holy-cow

      Holy Cow

      Use your CURSOR to direct the holy cow. People are praying for very particular blessings and your job is to deliver them.

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    Fun Games

    • maxims-day-out

      Maxim's Day Out

      Maxim, the little puppy is having a day out at the park. Make him jump and catch as many frisbees as possible.
    • zaphod-and-aztec

      Zaphod and aztec

      Beam up your own alien friends but avoid beaming up chickens or cows which could affect
    • type-masta

      Type Masta

      Exciting free typing games and keyboard games to play online. Type Masta
    • tim-ball-pinball

      Tim-Ball Pinball

      Try your skill at this tennis-themed online
    • curveball


      When playing Curveball Game, use your mouse to control your 3D paddle and send the ball back at your

    Action Games

    • samurai-jack

      Samurai Jack

      You have to play the role of a brave Samurai called Samurai Jack and defeat the enemy and win the battle against evil,
    • ben10-power-splash

      Ben 10 Power Splash

      Play Ben 10 Power Splash Game and help Ben,Grandpa Max and Gwen escape from the nasty aliens intent on getting their grubby
    • ben10-critical-impact

      Ben 10 Critical Impact

      Blast meteors and phase through obstacles to protect the Earth from an onslaught of deadly
    • ben10-the-resque

      Ben 10 The Resque

      Use the alien powers of Ben 10 to rescue Gwen from the bounty hunter
    • nimian-hunter


      Ride your wild horse and capture the flying creatures for dead spirits to bring back original life to the

    Logic Games

    • mine-sweeper

      Mine Sweeper

      In our free online minesweeper games, you must locate all mines (bombs) in a mine field as quickly as possible by uncovering
    • bot-arena

      Bot Arena

      Complete all objectives, leaving only a pile of rubble
    • pixel-field

      Pixel Field

      Guide three little pixels through the minefield. Instructions:CLICK and the base will move there. Go to the blue pixels.
    • all-out

      All Out

      Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time as
    • orbox2

      Orbox 2

      Take a seat and focus your mind for 30 levels of puzzle

    Shooter Games

    • cowboy


      Draw your pistol revolver magnum and shoot anything that moves! This game is set in a desert town. Play the flash version of
    • kitten-cannon

      Kitten Cannon

      Move the cannon up and down using the ARROW keys. Press SPACE bar
    • finalfortress

      Final Fortress

      The enemy is approaching our city and there is little time left. You are all that stands in the way. You must stand your
    • bank-shooter4

      Bank Shooter 4

      In this game you are a cop and you have to shoot all the enemies with your gun. You use mouse left button to kill them as
    • air-shot

      Air Shot

      Shoot the spinning targets that appear in the air.

    Sport Games

    • popiice

      Bowls 2

      Bowl a strike hit spare pins with the bowling ball go against computer or another player
    • wakeboardingxs

      Wakeboarding Xs

      An excellent wakeboarding game. Choose your player, strap on your board and score as many points as you can my combining a
    • bowling


      This has to be the best Online Bowling game around. Smooth workings eye boggling graphics with an added 2 player function.
    • airhockey

      2d Airhockey

      Play against the computer AI In Air Hocket on your
    • bobot-par

      Bobot Par

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